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Default Love in the Limelight - DARKSiDERS

Love in the Limelight

.: Details:.

Genre: Adventure
Format: .iso
Language/s (Audio): English
Language/s (Text): English

.: Info :.

.: Trailer :.

.: Description :.

How did you get into this situation, is all you can think as you stare at the shocked woman in front of you, having blurted out your confession to the woman of your dreams, a local celebrity and actress. And then even more shocking is when she responds with a Yes.And so begins your time as the most infamous person in town, dating an up and coming actress.Who thought fame would be so easy to attain.Features A multi-route story-line where your choices affect what will come next. Multiple different endings based on your decisions and game events. A fun tongue in cheek story-line Fully Uncensored High quality illustrations Full Visual Novel game features, galleries and options.Important:* All characters included in this game are over the age of 18.

.: NFO :.

.: Download :.

Size: 934 MB | Part/s: 1 File/s

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